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Our Mission

To Alleviate the suffering  of stray animals in Turkey since 2004 .

Rescue,  Rehabilitation,  rehoming! 

Spay and neuter as many stray animals as we possibly can

 to prevent more unwanted litters!

To date we have spayed over 2000 street dogs and hundreds of cats.

Help us in our Mission today!​

Welcome to the TAG website

Our Story

TAG was founded by Karen Wren after she visited Turkey on holiday in 2004

Distressed by the countless dogs and cats desperately trying to rummage for food , kittens and puppies skeletol and full of disease, Karen knew then her life was going to change forever!

Within a few years, Karen had spayed over 600 Animals, funding this project herself, but she soon realised that some animals could not go back to living life on the streets!

After witnessing road traffic accidents, cancer, motherless pups and kittens, and disease, Karen decided to set up as a registered charity in the U.K 

now known as the Turkish Animal Group (TAG) and started plans to open a shelter for dogs.

Currently in 2017 TAG care and provide for almot 300 animals between our shelter dogs , dogs on the streets , 60 + cats , Horse , Sheep , Parrot and Hamsters which are all neglect cases!

Karen currently lives in turkey and has for the past 6 years and will continue to do so as these animals rely on her.

Alongside Karen we have 1 worker at our shelter a female lady and Mustafa our Trustee.   Between them they care for 300 animals - It is hard work and help is constantly needed. 

Feeding so many animals The costs are immense and per day on food alone costs £122 per day.

We also spay and neuter dogs and cats as this is key to prevent unwanted litters in a 3rd world country such as Turkey.

Cleaning materials , Transporting , Veterinary costs , wages for our worker , Land rent and so on has to be paid monthly for us to survive!

£5300 per month is needed to keep this charity afloat and sadly we just do not get this kind of funding.

Please consider donating to TAG today , or perhaps sponsoring a dog , cat, horse, sheep , parrot or hamsters.

By sponsoring one of our many animals per month, this will enable us to keep afloat and provide care and safety for so many animals who live such a hard life on these cruel streets. 


We are on Facebook - Turkish Animal Group - T.A.G

Telephone - Turkey - 05458262490